Quality and Ecology

ITD Ltd strives using experience, knowledge and best practices to ensure stable economic growth of the company. About the company the most important is the ability to manage its business, trade and investment and innovation activity so as to ensure consistent quality of their products and services and limited environmental impact .

The management of ITD define its quality and environmental policy, which focuses on:
• maximum satisfaction of the requirements and expectations of customers;
• compliance with applicable legal and other regulatory requirements regarding the quality of products and the environment;
• commitment to deliver agreed environmental objectives through the implementation of programs to reduce pollution and Practices;
• increase the competence and responsibility of staff to implement the objectives and quality and environmental policy through education, discussion and improvement of internal communication;
• continuous improvement of the management through monitoring, analysis and management activities and processes affecting product quality and environmental aspects;
• minimization of generated waste and creating opportunities for recycling and securing them;
• maintaining a high level of technical security and optimization of the occupied resources, including energy-and water consumption;
• reconstruction and improvement of the environmental components;
• prevention and preparation of adequate response in case of emergency situations;
• establishment of mutually beneficial relationships with suppliers and partners to improve the efficiency of collaborative activities on the environment;
• structuring and operation of accounting and document in accordance with international standards
• providing the resources necessary for the operation and continual improvement of management system of quality, environmental and food standards in accordance with ISO 9001:2008; ISO 14001:2004; ISO 22000:2005;

The Management is satisfied that staff are clearly aware of its crucial role and each according to their powers, responsibilities and competence will contribute to the implementation of quality policy and the environment, and thus the development and prosperity of the company.