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ITD Ltd. is a major supplier of plastic packaging from PET, PE, PVC and PP for companies in the perfume and cosmetic area, chemical industry, pharmacy and food and beverages. The production list includes over 1300 models of vials, bottles, jars, and preforms, and nonstandard technical plastic products. Packages available on the market are in various shapes, colors and technological complexity of details. The volume of the packages range between 20 and 5000 ml.
This part of the company's activities includes the complete package of services offered to clients: the project of the vial and preparation of the mould, the production of company product registered under the brand name of the client.
Daily in the company are swelled more than 1.2 million PET packages. Production takes place mainly by expansion machine SIDEL, and ADS, SIPA, MAG PLASTIC. Nissei ASB one step machines allow the production of bottles for the pharmaceutical industry with high standard of hygiene.
With the installation of its production facilities close to major customers and partners, ITD is directed to best satisfy their needs, maintaining quality and reducing production costs.
Our long manufacturing practice and uncompromising attitude towards quality production has earned the trust of customers to the company in Bulgaria and abroad. 


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