About Us

ITD is a Bulgarian company founded in 1990. The company specializes in the manufacture of molds, PET preforms, plastic bottles, closures and has modern facilities with excellent equipment. Thanks to its activities and its long experience, ITD offers complete solutions in accordance with the requirements relating the design and manufacture of instruments and high quality products from all types of plastics.

The objectives of ITD include strengthening leadership and increasing the percentage of active participation of the company on the Bulgarian and international markets. The company follows the latest developments in the packaging industry worldwide and is able to propose projects in line with international standards of quality and environmentally friendly products.

Priorities in the company's strategy are: technological innovation, new products and the ambition to offer the best service and to maintain confidence already created in the customers.

The high level of expertise and professionalism of the company management, combined with a team of specialists with high qualification, is a guarantee for successful implementation of the company's plans and ideas.

ITD continues to invest in training their staff to continuously improve their level of qualification. In connection to this, the company has created and sponsored a specialized class of chemical technology in vocational education in plastics and polymer processing equipment.

ITD has modern equipment and machinery manufactured by leading companies in the manufacturing of packaging and polymer industry as HUSKY, FANUC, SIDEL, ADS, SIPA, Nissei ASB, PIOVAN, ENGEL, Mechanoplastica and many others.

Materials - PET, PEHD, PELD, PP, used in production are purchased only from famous brands of world-renowned manufacturers. These two factors are our winning formula to achieve the highest possible quality of the finished product.

Products with higher quality, faster delivery, better service and competitive prices have made the company not only a leader on the Bulgarian market, but also loyal and trustworthy partner for collaboration.