Choose from a wide range of PET, PEHD and PP bottles. They come in a large selection of sizes, shapes, and colors, and can be customized with decorations and designs in specific forms and embossments that feature your company logo or graphics and cover perfectly all of your design requirements. Plastic bottles are useful for storing products such as cosmetics, household detergents and Industrial chemistry, food goods, pharmaceuticals, or beverages. We are able to provide the perfect solution to your packaging demands.

The ITD range includes PE vials with in-mold labels of the same material for food and various other applications. This type of technology offers cost-effective products for our customers, allows easy recycling and is environmentally friendly.

The two-layer technology to produce PE bottles allows the use of effective materials for the outer layer in the cosmetics industry, as well as the inner layer of recycled material for household, industrial chemistry, and plant protection.

Plastic options with built-in PET handles for easy carrying or square-shaped bodies are available, offering space for multiple labels.

The possibility of visible filament vials allows checking the level of the contents of tightly colored vials, as well as avoiding overflow.

PET Bottles

PET preforms

ITD has modern equipment and machines for PET preforms manufactures by leading companies in the packaging industry.

To ensure the high quality of the product the company uses the production lines of HUSKY and NISSEI ASB.

The preform assortment includes a list of weights between 5 and 178 gr. and different standards of the neck finish - РСО 1881, РСО 1810, 29/25, 30/25, 48/41, 28/410, 24/410, 29/21, 38 мм, ROPP, STD18, STD 25, as all of them can produced in different colors.

Closures & Handles