High quality recycled РET

As recycling of plastic packaging is important to us, back in 2012 we invested in the best equipment for the production of rPET / PCR, suitable for use in food packaging - Starlinger. The technology decontaminates the processed raw material 100%.

Starlinger recycling technology is "super clean" technology.

  • Modern laboratory for quality control and analysis of input and output materials.
  • The characteristics of the RPET material are similar to the raw PET material.
  • RPET resins can be easily used to package a huge variety of mineral water and soft drinks to detergents, shampoos and soaps, plastic tape, etc.

Other advantages of the technology are:

  • The FIFO principle in the processing of flakes and pellets guarantees a specific residence time for flakes in the installation.
  • PCR products are 100% decontaminated.
  • Careful handling of the flake avoids dust formation and loss of IV.
  • The high vacuum extruder reduces the loss of viscosity during extrusion and cleans the melt from volatile contamination.
  • Built-in color measurement ensures perfectly colored granules.
  • It is possible to adjust the viscosity IV.
  • IV magnification is adjustable and consistent (variations similar to primary PET).
  • Built-in crystallization after underwater pelleting provides energy savings and high crystallinity.
  • The installation's modular system allows another SSP module to be added as needed.
  • And most importantly: rPET, manufactured using Starlinger recycling technology, allows preform manufacturers to replace the primary material without having to change the production process or material processing.

The material we produce has the following certificates.

The shape of the granule is identical to the shape of the primary PET.

There are 50 in one gram. granules.

The colors we produce are colorless, blue, white, green, and brown.

The material we produce can be used for food packaging, cosmetics packaging, detergent packaging and as a foil for other disposable packaging.