From bottle to bottle – recycling of plastic bottles and metal cans

The European Union is working hard in the direction of efficient use of waste as a resource and in increasing of the share of recycling. Based on Directive 904/2019 adopted and transposed into the Bulgarian legislation from 2025, it is mandatory to use a minimum of 25% R-PET in every newly produced plastic bottle.

In 2023, Lidl Bulgaria and Kaufland Bulgaria installed the first retail machines for the return and collecting of plastic bottles and metal cans in some of their supermarkets in the country.
The main partners in this process are two Bulgarian companies - ITD Ltd. and ECO PET EAD, which are responsible for the recycling process and production of PET preforms from recycled material.

The pilot project finds the intersections between ecology and entrepreneurship in an extremely successful way and demonstrates in practice the closed circular model "from bottle to bottle".

Why is it important to support these efforts? Because every action to increase the share of recycling, no matter how small is it, makes sense and means a little less trash on our planet.

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About ITD

ITD is a Bulgarian company established in 1990. The company specializes in production of PET preforms, plastic bottles, vials and closures. ITD has excellently equipped modern facilities, located in Saedinenie. Wise investments, professionalism in the management and the team of highly qualified specialists, turned ITD in a reliable partner, capable to fulfill all constantly increasing demands of the clients of plastic packaging.

The company supports the activities of its clients through the development and implementation of new projects for individual change of the packages and by offering free products for sale. ITD has implemented and certified Quality Management System, Environmental Management System and Food standard according to ISO 9001:2008; ISO 14001:2004; ISO FSSC 22000:4:5; ISO 50001:2018.

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