Newly-built Production Base

Process of continuous efficiency improvement

In 2020, we renewed our fleet with 3 more Delta Engineering machines for testing and packaging, leaders in automation for packaging solutions that optimize the production processes of bottles. New generation of machines with undeniable advantages.

The automated filling system is followed by high-performance energy-efficient machines to produce polyethylene vials, which are equipped with mechanized palletizers for packaging. At the same time, each of the lines is equipped with leak testers for 100% control of the products for tightness before packaging.

Palletizer - a compact, fully automatic machine for packing bottles in polyethylene foil.

  • Flexible unit (can pack a wide range of products);
  • Fast time for replacement;
  • Reduces manual labor and packaging material costs, leading to a short return on investment;
  • Hygienic way of packing;
  • Electric type machine. No oils are used, no environmental pollution.

UDK for automated leak testing with air for micro cracks in the bottom of PET bottles.

  • Extremely sensitive measurements;
  • Easy setup;
  • Thanks to the "on the go" movement, the bottles never stop (so there is no accumulation).