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ITD specialize in production of PET preforms, plastic bottles, vials and closures. We supply businesses in Europe with our top quality range of products for more than 30 years.

We specialise in the design and manufacture of blow moulds, vacuum forms and plastic injection mould tools for a variety of different industries.

Our team of experts and product packaging engineers can redesign your packaging from the ground up to find cost savings and lower material usage.

According to the adopted EU plan, by 2030 55% of plastic packaging should be recycled. At ITD, we have always worked to ensure that the packaging we produce is optimal in terms of weight and recyclability, as well as optimizing the cost of packaging and transporting it.

RPET is produced on certified by EFSA line.

Recycling technology STARLINGER is super clean. The investment of the line is from 2012.

  • Food approved RPET
  • Origin of the RPET – post consumer PET bottles

We provide a large range of products and services for your packaging needs, with a focus on precision and quality including:

  • Bottles & Vials
  • Moulds
  • rPET
  • Closures & Handles
Adopting a continuous improvement model
Process of continuous efficiency improvement Palletizer - a compact, fully automatic machine for packing bottles in polyethylene foil. UDK for automated leak testing with air for micro cracks in the bottom of PET bottles.

Newly-built Production Base

Last year, we renewed our fleet with three additional Delta Engineering machines for testing and packaging, a leader in the automation of packaging solutions that optimize the production processes of bottles. A new generation of machines with undeniable advantages!

Starlinger’s Recycling Technology

Starlinger recycling technology is known us “super clean” technology approved by world – wide companies. Due to this all Starlinger recycling lines can be certificated by Food and Drug Association in USA and EFSA in Europe.
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The European Union is working hard in the direction of efficient use of waste as a resource and in increasing of the share of recycling. Based on Directive 904/2019 adopted and transposed into the Bulgarian legislation from 2025...
We are hiring
We believe that excellence and success come only through hard work and a good team. This is why we rely exceptionally on highly motivated specialists.